Our Approach

To help clients live authentically and lead healthier and more fulfilling lives by learning how to access their inner resources and listen to their inner guidance for healing and growth.

Our Values

– Awareness leading to insight
– Choosing actions rather than reacting
– Listening to one’s self
– Honesty of feelings
– Compassion
– Wisdom
– Heart-centered caring
– Forgiveness
– Unconditional love
– Joyfulness
– Humor


For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call:

(310) 909-4538
What is a typical session like?

Goals and methods of treatment are individualized to each client. Knowing you have all the inner resources to grow, learn, and heal, we work with you to achieve desired outcomes for living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Do I really need therapy?

Life can sometimes feel unpredictable. Whether you are going through a new or old challenge or just wanting to grow personally, therapy provides an opportunity for greater self-awareness and clarity. Living our lives, we often operate with blind spots. By exploring unconscious patterns and personal blind spots, we are able to make choices that can further our growth and make life more fulfilling. It’s about getting the support and understanding you need while gathering greater insight to resolve problems. Therapy is about short-term relief and long-term gain. Therapy is about personal growth and embracing learning opportunities.

How can therapy help me?

By looking at situations in new ways and exploring past and present patterns, therapy allows for alternative ways of perceiving and responding to problems. Therapy offers tools to help one heal emotionally, overcome obstacles, handle stress, anxiety, depression and work through relationship difficulties. By gaining a better understanding of one’s self, acquiring appropriate coping mechanisms, developing personal and relationship skills, and living more authentically, life can improve tremendously. Therapy is a resource to help you achieve the life you are hoping and capable of living.

How long will I have to continue therapy?

Some clients choose to come to therapy short term to work through a life transition or difficult problem. Others choose long-term therapy to gain insight for living